7 Muḥarram 1446

Saturday 13 July 2024, 20:58:43



The Masjid would like to thank every one for their generosity over the years and pray that Allah rewards you in this life and in the hereafter.

Allah Tala says only that person who constructs the Masjid of Allah who has Emaan on to Allah and
on to Aakhirah and who performs Salah and pays Zakah and does not have (kheshiyyet) fear
except from Allah, hopefully they are the ones from the guided. (with Hidayeh)

Who ever constructs the house of Allah in return Allah Tala
will construct for them a house in Jannah. (Hadith Shareef)

Tameem e Daaree RA lighted a lantern in Masjid e Nabawi salallahu alayhi wasalam.
on seeing that Nabi salallahu alayhi wasalam Mubarak face was glowing and shining out of happiness.
So much so that Nabi salallahu alayhi wasalam remarked that Tameem if I had any daughter I would have married her to you.

Masjid-E-Hidayah is situated in the multi-cultural area of Old Trafford in Manchester. Alhamdulillah the Mosque is fully completed and has been open since May 2012.

The project costs totalled £1,035,000, of which nearly half has been raised within the local community. Furthermore, a significant amount has been raised both across the rest of the UK and internationally.

As of the 1st of June 2018 Alhmdulilah with the grace of Allah the build costs have been paid off.

Your donations help us to keep the masjid running and provide essential services to the community and visitors.

therefore please continue to donate to the masjid via:

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Reference: Lillah for Mosque
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S/C: 16-27-14